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December 2018 — Ohranyaetsa Gosudarstvom Magazine
For the world, we are the last white gastronomy spot. Interview with Leonid Gelibterman

Leonid Gelibterman_OG_2018_1Leonid Gelibterman_OG_2018_2

Leonid Gelibterman_OG_2018_3Leonid Gelibterman_OG_2018_4

Leonid Gelibterman_OG_2018_5Leonid Gelibterman_OG_2018_6

Leonid Gelibterman_OG_2018_7

December 2018 — United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Affiliate Members Newsletter
About the Russian Gastronomy Weeks (p. 10-11)





26.11.2018 — Komsomolskaya Pravda
Tasty diplomacy. About the meeting of Moscow Diplomatic Gastronomy Club

Waiter, Barista, sommelier. Qualifying rounds Horeca UP. Leonid Gelibterman is a member of the jury of sommelier

22.11.2018 — Budu Buuzy
Foreign diplomats tried Buuza and cones

22.11.2018 — Moscovskiy Komsomolets. Ulan-Ude
Moscow "Buloshnaya" hosted a presentation of gastronomy of Buryatia

21.11.2018 — Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Buryatia
Presentation of gastronomy of Buryatia took place in Moscow at the second meeting of the Moscow Diplomatic Gastronomy Club

21.11.2018 — Livejournal by p_syutkin
Welcome for a morning pickle

20.11.2018 — Restaurant house "Buloshnaya"
A second meeting of the Moscow Diplomatic Gastronomy Club was held in the Restaurant house "Buloshnaya"

19.11.2018 — UZREPORT TV (Uzbekistan)
Interview with experts about the gastronomy tourism (with Leonid Gelibterman)

13.11.2018 — Corfu Food & Wine Festival 2018 Highlights

13.11.2018 — Komsomolskaya Pravda
Golubtsi, Pelmeni and other dishes of the Greek cuisine

12.11.2018 — Grand tour. Gastronomy tourism
Leonid Gelibterman on Mediametrics Piter broadcast

09.11.2018 — ILoveGreece.ru
Grecotel Cape Sounio gathered chefs from Russia and Greece in one kitchen

09.11.2018 — Komsomolskaya Pravda
What is the Bianco without potatoes! Russian Gastronomy Week was recently held in Greece

08.11.2018 — Rata.news
Russian Gastronomy Week in Cape Sounio Grecotel Exclusive Resort

06.11.2018 — 100 Dorog
Russian Gastronomy Week in Greece-2018

05.11.2018 — Vesti.ru Tourism
Russian Gastronomy Week was held at the end of October in Greece

04.11.2018 — Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda
Greek cuisine by the hands of a Russian cook. Radio broadcast

03.11.2018 — Russian-Greek Society in the Island of Corfu

02.11.2018 — News.am
Armenia has all the conditions to become one of the leaders of the world gastronomy tourism. Interview with Leonid Gelibterman

02.11.2018 — AMI. News of Armenia
The culinary potential of Armenia is a paradise for gourmets and a palette of gastronomy tourism on the holiday of taste FoodFest Yerevan (PHOTO, VIDEO)

01.11.2018 — Open North. Tourist portal of the Arkhangelsk region
Russian North at the Gastronomy week in Greece

01.11.2018 — Pskov Informational Agency
Corfu is ours! 


October 2018 — Travel Trade Gazette (TTG), page 11
"Travel for the Taste" (about the conference on gastronomy tourism in frames of "Leisure-2018" exhibition



31.10.2018 — Verianet.Gr
To Kontokali Bay Resort φιλοξένησε τη Ρώσικη εβδομάδα

31.10.2018 — NAO24.ru
The Chef from Naryan-Mar presented Nenets cuisine on the Greek island of Corfu

31.10.2018 — Information-analytical portal "Neftegaz-Press"
Feast for the whole world the Russian Gastronomy Week was held in Greece

30.10.2018 — Newsbeast
Η διπλωματία της γαστρονομίας στις σχέσεις Αθήνας – Μόσχας

29.10.2018 — ΕΡΤ Α.Ε.
VIDEO: Τριήμερο Ρωσικής υψηλής γαστρονομίας στην Κέρκυρα | 29/10/18 | ΕΡΤ

27.10.2018 — Komsomolskaya Pravda
We "pushed" the Greeks: they cook Olivier, eat cloudberries

26.10.2018 — Money-tourism.gr
Σύμφωνο Συνεργασίας με Ρώσικους Φορείς Γαστρονομίας

25.10.2018 — Start 33
Vladimir region participated in the Russian Gastronomy Week in Greece

25.10.2018 — Komsomolskaya Pravda
The Greeks are beginning to understand: Russian cuisine is not only pancakes and Pelmeni

24.10.2018 — INFORMATIONAL PORTAL of Russian-speaking Greece (www.inforugr.com)
"WITHOUT PATHOS... απλά με ενθουσιασμό" No. 54 Russian gastronomy week in Greece 2018

24.10.2018 — Ladoschki.ch
Russian Gastronomy Week was opened in Greece

24.10.2018 — The official tourism portal of the Vladimir region
Vladimir region participates in the Russian Gastronomy Week in Greece

23.10.2018 — Russian Athens
Opening event of the Russian Gastronomy Week in Greece

23.10.2018 — Parliamentary newspaper
Russian Gastronomy Week was opened in Greece

23.10.2018 — Svali.ru
Russian Gastronomy Week was opened in Greece

23.10.2018 — Newsbomb
Russian Gastronomy Week was opened in Greece

23.10.2018 — TASS
Russian Gastronomy Week was opened in Greece

23.10.2018 — Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Russian Gastronomy Week came to Greece

23.10.2018 — RIA News. Tourism
Russian Gastronomy Week was opened in Greece

22.10.2018 — GrekoBook
Russian Gastronomy Week was opened in Greece 


27.09.2018 — Vinoitaliano.ru. Italian wines
Rare wines of the Liguria region. Tasting in Moscow

24.09.2018 — IA Regnum
How tasty a Gastronomy diplomat's club is? Interview with Leonid Gelibterman

21.09.2018 — Pro-Insider
Presentation of Greek and Bulgarian national alcoholic beverages

18.09.2018 — IA Regnum
The way to the diplomat's heart is through the national cuisine: interview



21.08.2018 — Komsomolskaya Pravda. Ryazan
French chef Michel Louis Lentz: to develop tourism, each region must have authentic food

21.08.2018 — Rossiyskaya Gazeta
How much will the guest leave. In Ryazan discussed how to raise funds in the historic city

20.08.2018 — Federal Agency for Tourism (Russiatourism)
Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov took part in the First international forum of ancient cities

20.08.2018 — TASS. Russian Inform Agency
For those who over 500. Ryazan gathered the ancient cities of the world to the Forum

17.08.2018 — Ryazan. Life
Ryazan surprised famous restaurateurs by gastronomic masterpieces

17.08.2018 — RZN.info Ryazan city web site
Chefs from Estonia and Uzbekistan fed the citizens of Ryazan with Quail and Lagman

17.08.2018 — Pressa Publishing House. News of the Ryazan region
Estonian quail and Uzbek lagman was cooked at gastronomic master classes in Ryazan


16.08.2018 — Gorod Torzhok. Web site of the Torzhok city
Tver took part in the International forum of ancient cities in Ryazan

15.08.2018 — Government of the Ryazan region
In the Ryazan region within the 1st International forum of ancient cities the development of gastronomic tourism will be discussed 

15.08.2018 — Pressa Publishing House. News of the Ryazan region
The organizers of the gastronomic part of the Forum of ancient cities told how tourism and potatoes are connected

15.08.2018 — Ryazanskie Vedomosti
Issues of gastronomy tourism development in frames of the Forum of ancient cities in Ryazan united all the participants of tourism business in Russia and abroad

15.08.2018 — Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia
Russia has its cuisine! Interview with Leonid Gelibterman


14.08.2018 — Kulturologia.RU
The International forum of ancient cities, founded more than 500 years ago, was opened in Ryazan

13.08.2018 — TASS. Russian inform agency
The International forum of ancient cities, founded more than 500 years ago, is being opened in Ryazan 

13.08.2018 — Rambler.ru
The International forum of ancient cities, founded more than 500 years ago, is being opened in Ryazan 

13.08.2018 — Novaya Gazeta. Ryazan Issue
1st International forum of ancient cities was opened in Ryazan

11.08.2018 — News of Armenia - NEWS.am
Why to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? Russian expert told on taxation of restaurants in Armenia. Interview with Leonid Gelibterman



23.07.2018 — IA Dunyo (Uzbekistan)
Gastrotourism in Uzbekistan is represented in Buryatia

18.07.2018 — Region 29. Inform Agency
Shangi and Mezen coffee: what to feed the tourists is discussing in the Arkhangelsk region

18.07.2018 — Dvina Today
"Cod-eaters and Shanyozhniki": path to the heart of the traveler lays through his stomach

17.07.2018 — Openarh
Gastronomy tourism

17.07.2018 — Otkrityi Sever. Tourism portal if the Arkhangelsk region
Gastronomy tourism: does Arkhangelsk have prospects

13.07.2018 — Dvina Today
Tourists to Arkhangelsk can be attracted by local dishes


25.04.2018 — Lenta.RU — "Polar cuisine is gaining popularity." What to eat to be fashionable. Leonid Gelibterman's special interview

06.04.2018 — Yelets TV — Gastronomy tourism is when guests are pleased and interested. The subtleties of this direction in the tourism industry were discussed at a training seminar in Yelets. Video with Leonid Gelibterman

05.04.2018 — Lipetsk regional center of event tourism — Restaurateurs of the city of Yelets were introduced with the secrets of gastronomy tourism

05.04.2018 — Lipetsk tourist service — Restaurateurs of the city of Yelets were introduced with the secrets of gastronomy tourism

04.04.2018 — Lipetsk Media — "What is patriotism but the love of food since childhood?". An Interview with Leonid Gelibterman

04.04.2018 — The administration of the city of Yelets — Vice-President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia has hold a seminar on gastronomic tourism for the inhabitans of the city of Elets

02.04.2018 — TASS — Experts: Dagestan can become one of the centers of gastronomic tourism in Russia


28.03.2018 — TV Dagestan — Round table with the participation of Leonid Gelibterman at the TV channel "Dagestan"

28.03.2018 — TASS — Culinary masters gathered in Makhachkala

27.03.2018 — This Is The Caucasus (Eto Kavkaz) — Roast, fight, cook: how the chefs of the Caucasus fought for the title of the best

26.03.2018 — Makhachkala news — The Gastronomic festival Visit Dagestan-2018 was opened In Makhachkala

24.03.2018 — TASS — The first International Gastronomic festival has started in Dagestan

15.03.2018 — Dagpravda.ru — Culinary battle in Dagestan

08.03.2018 —  Raadio4 (Estonia) — Culinary. Gastronomy tourism. Radio interview of Leonid Gelibterman

03.03.2018 —  Raadio4 (Estonia) — What is the real Russian cuisine and why is it so popular? Radio interview of Leonid Gelibterman

March 2018 — Generacion Anahuac (Mexico) — Cómete a Rusia. Leonid Gelibterman and Marisa Ramos about 4 tourist destinations in Russia in advance of the 2018 World Cup




20.02.2018 — Komsomolskaya Pravda, special edition (Invest forum in Sochi-2018) — Leonid Gelibterman: we'll search for products and masters, page 40


18.02.2018 — Raadio4 (Estonia)  Delicious vacation. Radio interview of Leonid Gelibterman

16.02.2018 — Business-M (Estonia) — Leonid Gelibterman: Buy local products and be proud of your country

14.02.2018 RUSLATLeonid Guelibtermán: «Para mí, América Latina es un paraíso enogastronómico»

14.02.2018 — Reisile.ee — One of the best cuisines in the world: the Estonian people probably have no idea how attractive for foreigners their gastronomy is

12.02.2018 — Raadio4 (Estonia)  Tourest 2018: Estonian products should be advertised! Radio interview of Leonid Gelibterman

09.02.2018 — Err.ee — Expert in gastronomy: in Estonia milk is of impeccable quality, good farm vegetables and a lot of wild game. Video interview of Leonid Gelibterman

09.02.2018 — Vecherka — Gastronomy expert Leonid Gelibterman: "Enjoy the food is to love yourself!"

08.02.2018 — Reisiportaal — Eestit külastab maailma gastronoomia tippnimi Leonid Gelibterman

07.02.2018 — Good News Melu  Reisimessi Tourest külastab maailma gastronoomia tippnimi Leonid Gelibterman

07.02.2018 — Reisile.ee — Tourestile tuleb maailma gastronoomia tipp Leonid Gelibterman


10.01.2018 — Provina.ru Portuguese wines will be presented in Saint-Petersburg

05.01.2018 — 1-st International Hellenic Gastronomy Conference Interview with Leonid Gelibterman




25.09.2017 Post event release OTDYKH-2017 

12.09.2017 Lenta.Ru Travel - Fed by offal. Kaliningrad is trying to become the gastronomic capital of Russia

11.09.2017 Liniya Vkusa - International Forum-festival «Gastronomy tourism and Street Food» in Kaliningrad

08.09.2017 — Russia. VladimirThe questions of the gastronomy tourism development in Russia were discussed in Suzdal

07.09.2017 Youtube.com by Kaliningrad Street Food - VIDEO: Street Food Weekend 2017

05.09.2017 Strana Kaliningrad - Ate, thinking about the Universe

05.09.2017 VESTI Kaliningrad - The best Street food project of Russia was chosen in Kaliningrad

05.09.2017 Klops.ru - The best Street food project of Russia was named in Kaliningrad

05.09.2017 IA Russian West - Russian Street Food Awards was the first time presented in Kaliningrad

05.09.2017 Official web-portal of the Government of the Kaliningrad region - The best Street food project of Russia was chosen in Kaliningrad

04.09.2017 Tvoybro.com - The game is on the subtle emotions: what was a private dinner by the star chefs of the gastro forum in the "Tyrol" Restaurant like

02.09.2017 Sputnik Mundo - 2018 world Cup: a piece of Mexico in Kaliningrad

01.09.2017 Tvoybro.com - How to make Kaliningrad a culinary capital. 5 main ideas of the forum «Gastronomy tourism and Street Food»


31.08.2017 Kaliningrad Life - The first International forum-festival «Gastronomy tourism and Street Food» started in Kaliningrad

30.08.2017 Rossiya MediaThe first International forum-festival «Gastronomy tourism and Street Food» was opened in Kaliningrad

30.08.2017 Yantarny kraj - The dinner is served. Gastronomic forum started in Kaliningrad

30.08.2017 Ya39.ru -Anton Alikhanov: Kaliningrad could claim the title of the capital of Street food

30.08.2017 Federal Press - The first International forum-festival «Gastronomy tourism and Street Food» was opened in Kaliningrad



17.07.2017 Komsomolskaya Pravda - Fried caviar and reed blackberry: one thousand and one taste of the Silk Road

15.07.2017 Lenta.ru Travel - Boiled pie and mitityai. As Astrakhan stood on the Great Road, and the food saved the world

13.07.2017 Russian Federal Agency for Tourism (Rostourism) - The first International Forum-festival «Gastronomic routes of the Silk Road. Journey for the taste, Astrakhan 2017» was held in Astrakhan

11.07.2017 Caspian News - Mission «Feed the Tourist» possible

11.07.2017 Rambler. News - The first international gastronomy forum was finished in Astrakhan

11.07.2017 Komsomolskaya Pravda. Astrakhan - As the Astrakhanians ate «ukha» by Zhilkin

10.07.2017 The Astrakhan region - Gastronomy forum was finished in Astrakhan

10.07.2017 Ministry of culture and tourism of the Astrakhan region - Gastronomy forum was finished in Astrakhan

08.07.2017 Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Astrakhan region - Forum participants discussed the gastronomy tourism development

08.07.2017 Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation - International forum-festival «Gastronomic routes of the Great Silk Road» takes place in Astrakhan

07.07.2017 Official web-site of the Governor of the Astrakhan region - Gastronomic routes of the Great Silk Road came together in Astrakhan


03/27/17 API-Ural In the Sverdlovsk region continues preparations for V tourism forum Bolshoy Ural (The Big Ural)

03/22/17 Height 102 Astrakhan Region prepares for the International Gastronomic Forum

03/21/17 Government of the Sverdlovsk Region The possibilities of gastronomic tourism development will be discussed at the Big Ural

03/13/17 Caspian News A “delicious” forum will be held in Astrakhan

03/13/17 Noticia.ru The results of the festival of Russian cinema MIRFF-2017 were summed up in Marbella

03/12/17 Kuban.info Restaurateurs offered to hold the International forum on gastronomy tourism in Astrakhan

03/07/17 Noticia.ru The festival of Russian cinema MIRFF-2017 has started in Marbella

03/06/17 RATA-news Within the framework of the Intourmarket the UNWTO and Rostourizm will hold a training seminar


02/28/17 RATA-news «Bread and circuses! What event will tourists go to?» We will discuss it at the Intourmarket

02/21/17 Noticia.ru The jury of the Russian film festival in Marbella has been announced

02/16/17 Tourbus.ru Russian-Japanese tourism is taken to a new level



12/30/16 Lenta.ru Koumiss and elk lips

12/28/16 Pravda.Ru Mistakes of the New Year's feast: What to drink and what to eat?

12/10/16 IA YASIA Leonid Gelibterman: National cuisine is the motivation for traveling

12/05/16 SakhaNews "The best national dish" was cooked in "Toto-Khan"

12/04/16 SakhaNews Gastronomy tourism should be promoted in Yakutia

12/04/16 Baikal-Daily Experts from Buryatia estimated ancient dishes of horsemeat and venison

12/03/16 SakhaNews Famous Atlasov’s family cooked a horsemeat “with a smoke” like in old times

02/12/16 SakhaNews Yakutia is a suitable place for a winter family vacation

12/01/16 TASS The International Festival of Ethnic and Classical Cuisine will be held in Yakutia


11/24/16 Komsomolskaya Pravda Russian cuisine in Spain: the Ural chebureks will be tasted in Spain

11/22/16 RIA Novosti Kremlin chefs will feed the Spaniards with dishes of national cuisine

11/22/16 Yakutia.Info The 3rd Gastronomic Festival Taste of Yakutia will be held in Yakutsk


10/19/16 Pravda.Ru National cuisine -  the soft power of Russia

10/17/16 Vesti.Tourism The VI International Travel Forum has finished in Yaroslavl


08/23/16 Administration of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Nenets Autonomous Okrug has won the Awards of the International Gastronomic Forum

08/20/16 News Service News.Yk.Ru Yakut chefs became the best at the festival "Journey for the taste"

08/19/16 City TV channel Yaroslavl hosts an international forum Journey for the taste 08/14/16 Komsomolskaya Pravda The tourists of Yaroslavl will be treated with dishes from all over Russia. And also from Spain and Peru!


07/22/16 Dagestanskaya pravda And life is beautiful and amazing!

07/07/16 Lenta.ru The big policy with taste 


06/07/16 66.ru Perm chefs pressed Ekaterinburg residents on the culinary Olympus

06/06/16 URA.Ru Refreshing cocktail from "URA.Ru" and a lot of fried meat. The VI festival of barbecue was held in Yekaterinburg


05/27/16 RIA Voronezh Voronezh for gourmets. How to return the region to the map of gastronomic tourism

05/26/16 Lenta.ru "The Power of Russia - is in a unique variety of cuisine"

05/26/2016 Lenta.ru. Travels. Article "The Power of Russia is in a unique variety of cuisine." President of the ICWAG Leonid Gelibterman - about the gastronomy tourism phenomenon.

05/22/16 Region 64 Restaurateurs of 

Balakovo were offered to decorate meat dishes with strawberries

05/19/16 Gastronom.ru Gastronomic tournament FoodStyle 2016

05/18/16 Sut (Balakovo) Restaurants will take part in the Festival of strawberry

05/17/16 Balakovo Life The restaurateurs will take part in the 3rd Balakovo Festival of strawberry

05/17/16 Ystav.com Commander of the Order of Malta joined the jury of the festival of barbecue in Yekaterinburg

05/16/16 Code Vino. Article "Burgundy"

# 12/18, 2016 Author - Leonid Gelibterman


04/29/2016 Let's go and eat Business magazine. Gastronomy tourism. Prospects. Article "Let's go and eat". March


The newspaper "Gourmet. Supplement to the newspaper Delovoy Petersburg. Article on the topic "What do they eat in Saint Petersburg". The comment of L.V. Gelibterman.

03/31/2016 The city ate, the city eats, the city will eat

03/28/2016 Television of the Volga Automobile Plant. "My stories with Lada." Guest L.V. Geliberman.


02/26/2016 The results of the round table of the newspaper Moy Rayon. Wine list in Moscow manner.

02/23/2016 Radio Mayak. The program One Vadim. History of Russian traditional beverages.

02/15/2016 Uzbek dastarkhan in Moscow, Russian samobranka in Tashkent.

02/03/2016 Internet portal pravda.ru.The Point of view program. The West will discover the taste of Russia?

02/12/2016 Release of Cocktail.lv. Leonid Gelibterman: "Do not rob yourself, enjoy the life through gastronomy!"


01/29/2016 Mayak radio station. Late dinner. Refusal from gastronomic habits.

01/28/2016 Moy Rayon newspaper. Round table on the topic "How to get Moscow used to a good Russian wine?"



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