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Gastronomic roads of Baltic Cuisine.


“Baltic Dinner” together with Leonid Gelibterman and the Moscow (National) Branch members of the IWFS – International Wine &Food Society.

“I have rather still and smooth relations with Food. It understood its lack of prospects and left me alone. But I am keen on listening stories about this ‘persona’. About how it behaves in different countries, about what it looks like in winter and summer, about how it fits with its makers’ manners of life. Especially I like to listen to our Chairman, when he talks about his travels, gastronomic discoveries and meeting interesting wine-culinary people.

Scheduled meeting of our Club was dedicated to Baltic Cuisine. To Cuisine of 10 countries bordering the Baltic Sea.

There was given an appropriate antithesis to Mediterranean Cuisine. On the one hand it is light, generally speaking, low-calorie food of the South countries, on the other hand – the North world: nutritious potato, grain and pork meals, which should assure a human with enough quantity of ‘fuel’.  

Anton Salnikov, the master chef of “Jitnaya-10” restaurant usually has another style of work, but for us he cooked the most recognizable meals of “Baltic” diet.

And as a matching to food – beloved Rieslings (Germany-Baltics) in sparkling and still resolution from Vinoterra, and vodka at the head of “Tsarskaya zolotaya”, the producers of which also have direct connection with Baltic Sea.

The dessert on the basis of black bread (more than 40 sorts only in Latvia) matching to “Vana Tallin” liqueur was a presentable ending of the Dinner.

Delicious and interesting, as always! Thank You, it was great!” 


Irina Godunova 

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