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Gaidar Forum 2018


The President of the ICWAG participated in a panel discussion within the Gaidar Forum with a report on gastronomy tourism.


On 18 January Leonid Gelibterman submitted his presentation on "The potential of the gastronomy tourism for the Russian regions" to the participants of the discussion "Inside the restaurant business of Russia". The President of the ICWAG, in his speech cited the official and expert statistics of the world tourism market, announced the key trends in the Russian tourism sector, stressed the importance and formulated the proposals for the gastronomy tourism development in the Russian regions.

"The process is now a two-way one. A lot of restaurateurs from Moscow are developing business in the regions and more regional players are entering the Moscow market", — said Leonid Gelibterman in the plenary session dedicated to the restaurant business of Russia.

Gaidar Forum "Russia and the world: Values and Virtues" was held from 16 to 18 January 2018 in the Russian Presidential Academy of National economy and public administration. The business program was attended by prominent scientists, representatives of authorities, public and political figures, scientists, businessmen and experts from Russia and foreign countries. IX Gaidar Forum has become a large-scale economic-political platform for discussing the most pressing issues of our time - as in the socio-economic sphere and national healthcare, development of high technology and the digital space.

Video presentation by Leonid Gelibterman at the Gaidar forum in 2018:

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