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The President of ICWAG has discussed the prospects of the city of Yelets in the gastronomy tourism development


On the fourth of April Leonid Gelibterman has held the special training seminar on gastronomy tourism for experts of the hospitality industry of the city of Yelets and the Lipetsk region.


The president of ICWAG, one of which activities is the consultation of the authorities of the Russian Federation regions in the field of the hospitality industry development, was invited by the city administration as the expert in the sphere of gastronomy tourism. Leonid Gelibterman has prepared the presentation on "Gastronomy tourism. Prospects of the city of Yelets", which included presenting of the official statistics of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and other authoritative international organizations.


Against the background of the general global trends, the expert has given successful examples of gastronomy tourism promotion in foreign countries and in those Russian regions which relay on this direction of tourism in their economic and social development.


About 80 representatives of local catering establishments, hoteliers, producers of food and beverage, teachers of educational institutions, cultural figures, students of the highest and average professional educational institutions of the city, journalists became the participants of the seminar held by Leonid Gelibterman.


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