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Gastronomy tourism and its prospects was discussed in the Arkhangelsk region


From 13 to 14 July 2018 Leonid Gelibterman made a business visit to the Arkhangelsk region. During his trip, the President of the ICWAG discussed the possibility of the gastronomy tourism development in the region with regional authorities and representatives of the hospitality industry.


The special seminar "Trends in gastronomy tourism and prospects for the Arkhangelsk region" moderated by Leonid Gelibterman was attended by restaurateurs, hoteliers, representatives of the hospitality industry, the tourist information center, food and beverage producers of the Arkhangelsk region, regional media.


On the evening of July 13, a gastronomy dinner of Northern cuisine was held, prepared by chefs from the Arkhangelsk region and the chef from Perm Rashid Rakhmanov, researcher and creator of the modernist cuisine of the Kama region, a member of the team of the "Russian Gastronomy Weeks" project.





During the visit, the President of the ICWAG held many meetings with the representatives of the tourist business and restaurateurs of the Arkhangelsk region, and regarded the possibilities of the tourist Museum-complex "Malye Karely" for the development of gastronomy tourism.

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