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Gastronomy brings together. The first meeting of MDGC was held in the Moscow region


On 27 July in the city of Dolgoprudny, the first meeting of the Moscow Diplomatic Gastronomy Club (MDGC) took place. The meeting of high-ranking guests was held in the format of a special gastronomy dinner in the restaurant and yacht club "Don David" on the bank of the Moscow canal.


The gastronomy dinner was dedicated to the opening of the Moscow Diplomatic Gastronomy Club, founded on the initiative of Leonid Gelibterman, President of the International Center of Wine and Gastronomy. Guests of the dinner were offered the author's menu by Anton Salnikov (chef of the restaurant house "Buloshnaya") and the team of chefs of the restaurant "Don David". A special gastronomic impression of the participants of the evening was the "fire" show with cooking a special barbecue set by Don David, a hospitable restaurant owner, and Michel Lenz (France), Michelin starred chef of the capital's restaurant Cristal Room Baccarat Moscow.


Alcohol accompaniment of the evening was presented by sparkling wine "Rossiyskoye Shampanskoye Jubileynoye" from the Jubileynaya Winery, wines "Likuria" ("Lefkadia Valley" Winery), "New Russian wine" (Jubileynaya Winery, Sauk-Dere Winery, "Delta Club" company), and a distilled "Bread Wine" (produced by "Chemerisov and Partners" company).

Along with rich gastronomic emotions, the guests of the evening had a unique opportunity to get in touch with the diversity of Russian national cultures. The performance of the ethno-dance studio "Buin Khan" from Buryatia caused a wide response in the hearts of the numerous public of the dinner. Welcoming speech from Irina Petrova, Deputy head of the representative office of the Republic of Buryatia in Moscow, who invited guests to visit the lake of Baikal and the picturesque sights of the region, was accompanied by a bright performance of a dance group led by Erzhena Buyantueva and a song by Aldar Dashiev, soloist of the Buryat state national theater of song and dance "Baikal". It is noteworthy that in the dinner menu guests were also offered natural water "Baikal Pearl" (the BAIKALSEA company). The original culture of Buryatia, with traditional tunes and dances of the shaman, water from the largest lake of the planet and the hospitality of the Republic, impressed the participants of the evening, turning them into the national Buryat dance "Yokhor", the movements of which the guests gladly learned and performed in the final part of the evening.


Dinner-opening of the Moscow Diplomatic Gastronomy Club became the place of meeting high-rank guests — Ambassadors and diplomats from more than ten countries, including Azerbaijan, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Greece, Israel, Indonesia, Mexico, Panama, Spain, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, with gastronomic and cultural traditions of Russia. Leonid Gelibterman presented to the guests the concept of the MDGC Club, as well as the main goals of its activity. The President of the International Center of Wine and Gastronomy also spoke about the upcoming projects of the ICWAG — Forum of Ancient cities in Ryazan and the Street food competition in Kaliningrad, inviting guests of the dinner to take part in it.


In their speeches, the Ambassador of Indonesia, Mr. Wahid Supriyadi, the Ambassador of Mexico Mrs. Norma Pensado, and the Minister-Counsellor of the Ambassador of Spain in Russia Mr. Ignacio Garcia-Valdecasas expressed their support for the idea of the Club and the confidence in the active development of this project in future. Leonid Gelibterman assured the guests of the dinner, among which were also representatives of the leading Russian media that the next MDGC meeting will be held in September this year.


Gastronomic evening under the open sky ended in a friendly atmosphere accompanied by author's desserts from Anton Salnikov and tea from the big samovar. The warm guest reviews confirmed that gastronomy brings together. Different countries, cultures and people.

Photo gallery of the event

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