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Buryatia «fires up». IW&FS members have got acquainted with the fancy Baikal cuisine


12 December the Moscow restaurant of Buryat cuisine "Orda" hosted a remarkable dinner for the members of the IW&FS. Gourmets saw off coming to the end the year of 2018 with the accompaniment of original Buryat music and national dishes.


A special dinner organized for the members of the International Wine and Food Society, was held in a cozy and friendly atmosphere in the authentic interior of the restaurant "Orda" on Myasnitskaya street. Leonid Gelibterman, as the Chairman of the Moscow (National) Branch of the IW&FS, acted as the presenter of the evening of gourmet cuisine.


Guests of the evening immersed into warm atmosphere of the upcoming holidays, tasting original delicacies from Buryatia: tartare from Baikal fish, salad with beef tenderloin, beef Buuza and even hot bone marrow. Tender sea-buckthorn cake served for dessert was accompanied by fragrant Ivan-tea with cowberries.




An entertaining story of Leonid Gelibterman about the rich culture and sightseeings of Buryatia was welcomed by the lovers of wine and fine dining with great interest, and a master class by the manager of the "Orda" restaurant Natalia Zhamsoeva on modeling original Buuza before the audience reinforced the positive emotions of exploring this unique region. Guests of the evening were interested in the opportunity to visit the Republic of Buryatia and the legendary lake Baikal to expand their gastronomic horizons and try local products and drinks.




Buryat dishes were accompanied by still wines from the Trading house "Aroma", sparkling ones from the Trading house "Renaissance", as well as village moonshine and bread wine from the "Chemerisov and Partners" company. The IW&FS members were surprised to discover unexpected combinations of drinks with new gastronomic experiences.

The final appearance of Ivan Zheltov, the chef of the "Orda" restaurant, and Alexandra Erofeeva, the pastry chef, who made the evening of the Buryat gastronomy, was greeted with thunderous applause of the guests.


Dinner of the Buryat cuisine in the "Orda" became another step closer for Moscow gourmets from IW&FS to understand the diverse cuisine of the Russian regions. Indeed, the national gastronomy is the "name card" of any nation that has its own history, and it should be treated with special respect.

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