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The sun of Portugal in a glass: the IV Salon of Portuguese wines was held in St. Petersburg


On February 7, the Northern capital of Russia hosted a representative wine delegation from Portugal. Professionals of the alcohol market of St. Petersburg had a wonderful opportunity to try the wide assortment of Portuguese wines at the Grand tasting in the Grand Hotel Emerald.


Within the presentation, organized by the Confederation of Portuguese Farmers (Confederação dos Agricultores de Portugal, CAP) and the International Center of Wine and Gastronomy, a special master class took place, which participants were presented with 17 wines from the regions of Alentejo, Vinho Verde, Douro, Lisboa, Setubal Peninsula, Tejo and Porto.



Master class by Mr. Leonid Gelibterman (President of the International Center of Wine and Gastronomy (Moscow), the International Wine and Spirits Judge, a holder of certificate of ViniPortugal qualification) and Ms. Tatiana Sharapova (head of Pro Sommelier wine school (Saint Petersburg), a renowned oenologist and a taster, candidate of technical sciences) introduced the participants of the seminar with the peculiarities of production and cultivation of Portuguese wines, classification system, features of autochthonous grape varieties. 


More than 50 participants took an active part in the master class of the tandem of recognized enogastronomical experts.





The Salon program was continued by a large-scale wine tasting from 17 producers from different regions of Portugal. More than 300 sommeliers, experts, importers, representatives of retail chains and HoReCa segment, specialized media and students of wine schools visited the wine Salon enjoying the quality of Portuguese wines. For the tasting, the guests were offered a variety of style of the wines: from the world famous fresh and light representatives of the Vinho Verde region to the powerful wines from the Alentejo, as well as aged Port wines and Moscatel from Setubal Peninsula


CAP_Portugal_Saint Peresburg_2019_15CAP_Portugal_Saint Peresburg_2019_16

CAP_Portugal_Saint Peresburg_2019_17CAP_Portugal_Saint Peresburg_2019_19

CAP_Portugal_Saint Peresburg_2019_19CAP_Portugal_Saint Peresburg_2019_20

Participants of the IV Salon of Portuguese wines were happy to share their impressions of the rich variety of wine samples presented for Grand tasting this year, and unanimously noted the increasing quality of dry wines of Portugal. Representatives of importing companies were actively negotiating with representatives of Portuguese wineries and discussed the prospects of growth in sales of wines of Portugal in the North-West of Russia.

CAP_Portugal_Saint Petersburg_2019_21

CAP_Portugal_Saint Petersburg_2019_22

CAP_Portugal_Saint Petersburg_2019_23CAP_Portugal_Saint Petersburg_2019_24

 CAP_Portugal_Saint Petersburg_2019_25

Professional glasses for the IV Salon of Portuguese wines in Saint-Petersburg were provided by the NRG Trading Company, a new business partner of the International Center of Wine and Gastronomy.

Photo gallery of the event

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