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June online dinner of the «Distance is not a hindrance» series

On June 16, the fourth international gastronomic online dinner «Distance is not a hindrance» was chaired by the President of the ICWAG L. Gelibterman.

Residents of Moscow and the Moscow region had the opportunity to choose and order dishes of a seasonal menu prepared by the Buloshnaya Restaurant House, and French wines provided by the ISSI wine trading company.

The project «Distance is not a hindrance» involves residents of more than 30 regions of Russia and 40 countries from all over the world.

Post-event release of the online dinner «Distance is not a hindrance»

Comments about the dinner:

  • «I participated in a dinner with the children. If I say we were delighted, it would not convey the whole palette of our emotions» (Anzhelika, Khakassia)
  • «I enjoyed it, thank you very much. Everything went just fine» (Susanna, Germany)
  •  «Everything was cool. Go ahead!!!» (Maria, Iceland)
  • «Thank you for this project! It is great!» (Ksenia, Moscow)
  • «Thank you very much for the evening! It is a very interesting experience, I virtually traveled!» (Alyona, Great Britain)
  • «Bright, tasty and very informative gastronomic evening! Thank you!» (Natalia, Arkhangelsk)
  • «We were waiting for this dinner ... And the dinner was SUCCESSFUL !!!! Thank you very much for the initiative, theme and opportunity to gather our friends and like-minded people at the table!» (Andrey, Togliatti)
  • «Thank you so much for this opportunity. Great initiative!» (Dragos, Romania)
  •  «The dinner was gorgeous!!! Thank you! It was very good! A giant work has been done» (Asel, Moscow)
  • «Dreams come true. Thank you for the opportunity to sit at the same table with wonderful people! Distance is not a hindrance!» (Valentina, Poland)
  • «Great format, I really liked the harmony of information about products and information about regions» (Vladislava, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug).
  • «Thank you so much for a wonderful and interesting event. I hope there will always be online dinners!!! (Ramirez, Peru)
  • «Thank you very much for such an informative inspiring evening. We are waiting for you in Keynes’s homeland! (Ksenia, Cambridge)
  • «Thanks a lot, it was so interesting! We were pleased to «have dinner» in Belgium (Vera, Brussels)
  • «Thank you very much for this wonderful event! It was very unusual and interesting!!! We are waiting for you and your team in sunny Argentina! (Olga, Buenos Aires)
  • «It was such a warm meeting!!! Thank you!!!  Special thanks to all the organizers!» (Anton, Penza)
  • «Спасибо за прекрасное мероприятие!» (Айри, Япония)
  • «Friends! It is a very interesting and large-scale project! I am proud to know Leonid Gelibterman» (Anna, Pyatigorsk)
  •  «Thank you so much, I really «got stuck» for it, sorry for the jargon, from 6 in the morning! Continue this business even after quarantine. Unfortunately, at any restaurant one could never learn as much things, as we do during your online dinners!» (Elena, Greece)
  •  «Oh, how could I miss it.... When are you planning your next event?» (Alina, Estonia)
  • «Thanks for the online gastronomic dinner! This is really cool! Today I got the idea that these gastro evenings are real holidays that you are waiting for, you are honestly preparing for them, because… how can you not do it?!» (Maksim, Togliatti)


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