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Born by the sun, sea, land and passion ... Ligurian wines visited the Russian capital.

September 25 and 26 in Moscow were marked by extraordinary events for professionals of the alcohol industry. The wines that are rare in our penates arrived to the capital of Russia from Italian Liguria.

The event, organized by the International Center of Wine and Gastronomy together with a group of Ligurian wineries - Punta Crena, Cordorso and Vigneti a Prua, was dedicated to introducing market professionals to the unique wines from the Italian region, where the winemaking had originated more than 2,000 years ago.

The «adventures of Italians in Moscow» started with a lecture-tasting on September 25 at the National Hotel in Moscow. Paolo Ruffino, owner of the Punta Crena winery, which has more than 500 years of family history, Leonid Gelibterman, president of the International Center of Wine and Gastronomy, and Irina Godunova, wine expert, sommelier and educator, presented to the audience 5 Ligurian wines of the autochthonous varieties Mataossu, Cruvin , Pigato, and Vermentino.  The tasting was accompanied by a fascinating presentation about the peculiarities of the Ligurian terroir with its steep hills facing the sea, dry climate and rich soil diversity.

The participants of the master class - representatives of wine importing companies, specialized media, restaurant business, cavists, sommeliers and experts - were able to discover new tastes and aromas of Ligurian wines in combination with a specially prepared tasting set. The tasting was completed with organic olive oil Punta Crena of the Tajasca olive variety.

The presentation of Ligurian wines in Moscow continued on September 26 with a business dinner hosted by Leonid Gelibterman in the Buloshnaya restaurant house. This time, Ligurian wines were presented to the guests in an organic frame of author's dishes by the Michelin-star chef Paolo Masieri and his wife Barbara, the founders of the Paolo & Barbara restaurant in San Remo. Paolo and Barbara brought the ingredients from Italy, even herbs and spices grown in their vegetable garden at the restaurant.

The special dinner menu was complemented by dishes by the chef of Buloshnaya restaurant Anton Salnikov, which harmoniously fit into gastronomic Ligurian set. Dinner guests were able to immerse themselves in the cozy atmosphere of Dolce Vita Ligurian, accompanied by wines from the Mataossu, Lumassina, Pigato, Granaccia and Cruvin varieties. The chefs received a long standing ovation, Viktor Belyaev, President of the Russian National Culinary Association, presented the Masieri couple with special gold badges of his Association; and a line of Russian importers was waiting to talk to Paolo Ruffino, who were interested in the terms of delivery of Ligurian wines to the Russian market.

We hope that wines from the Liguria region have every chance to expand their presence on the Russian alcohol market and please the true connoisseurs of noble drinks.


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