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At Emperor’s Tailor

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The Internatinal Center of Wine and Gastronomy in conjunction with the Imperial tailor Sammy Kotwani organized and hosted a gastronomic evening dedicated to Indian cuisine.

Dinner guests could appreciate the gastronomic culture of India, having tried dishes such as papad, raita, hara bhara kebab, paneer tikka, a Sikh kebab, srimps Kolivada, Amritsar fish, dhal makhani, vegetable biryani, cumin rice, roti bread. As a dessert there were served gulab Jamuna — rose water and spicy Indian masala tea.

Especially for the evening company AST provided wine matching the meals. Indian dances complemented the festive atmosphere of the dinner by their oriental charm and flavor. Particularly knowledgeable guests who answered the quiz questions were rewarded with prizes from the Imperial tailor. Host of the evening was Leonid Gelibterman, president of the International Center of Wine and Gastronomy.


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