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Drink's, March (Ukraine)— "Endless expance, look at Senegal"

XXL, July (Russia, Moscow) — "I'm chilling out, Tejo is around"

Vinnaya karta, April (Russia, Moscow) — "Winemaking in Israel: myths and reality"

Aeroflot Premium, November (Russia, Moscow) — "Black caviar"

AGROSS №1 (Russia, Moscow) — "Salon of Tejo wines (Portugal)"

AGROSS №3 (Russia, Moscow) — "Portugal Market Week"

HoReCa magazine, July (Russia, Moscow) — "Unexplored land"

BBQ №1 (Russia, Moscow) — "Confession of the professional gourmet"

Vinnaya karta, January (Russia, Moscow) — "A Mexican does not live with tequila only"

Vinnaya karta, October (Russia, Moscow) — "Sancocho, tamales and agua ardiente"

Food & Wine, September (United Kingdom) — "Uzbekistan Gourmet Adventures"

Komsomolskaya pravda, July (Russia, Moscow) — "White wine, rum. Not beer!"

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